The Bridge to PhD master’s program will no longer accept new students. This program has recently transitioned into a fellowship opportunity for applicants to our PhD program. Please read more about Bridge Fellowships on our graduate admissions page


Bridge to PhD is a master’s program in mathematics offered by the University of Pennsylvania. The goal of this program is to increase the number of PhD’s awarded in mathematics to members of groups that are traditionally underrepresented. The program will be supported by the mathematics department at Penn, by the School of Arts and Sciences, and by the National Science FoundationA committee of mathematics faculty will coordinate the program.

Applicants must be permanent residents of the United States to be eligible, and the application deadline for Fall entry is December 31. We encourage prospective students to visit this link for more information on applying. The admission process will include interviews, which may be in-person or via video. Each admitted applicant will have a chance to visit Philadelphia before accepting.

The program will be two years long, and we anticipate admitting 2 to 3 bridge program students each year. Students will receive an annual stipend, which is currently $25,000. In their second year, Bridge students will serve as teaching assistants, typically in an introductory calculus class, in addition to taking courses and working on their master’s thesis. The students who complete the Bridge to PhD program and are admitted to the PhD program will receive credit for the work they have done towards their PhD.

One of the requirements for the program is a preliminary examination. All math graduate students, including those in the Bridge to PhD, will take this exam. Bridge students may choose to take this exam when they arrive, or they can wait until later to take and pass it. It is permissible to take it several times, and there will be a seminar to help students pass this exam. For all other program requirements, please visit our graduate studies page.

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